November 29, 2006

Can anyone explain to the Puppy Blender why employees have to have hissy fits and meltdowns on his day off, rather then when he is working?

I'm sure many of you out there who serve in a supervisory capacity have the same issues. Sigh.

November 28, 2006

It's C.A. Marks' 1st Blogiversary over at Alabama Improper. Stop by and give her a big sloppy puppy kiss! Indeed.

Is it just the Puppy Blender, or does everyone else think that Firefox 2.0 has a lot of friggin connectivity issues?

November 23, 2006

The Puppy Blender would like to wish everyone, most especially our wonderful troops, a very Happy Thanksgiving.

November 9, 2006

Right Thinking Girl has her 10 Cool Things About Democratic Power In Congress.

I failed to find anything about hobo's or puppies. Heh.

She is also a serious hottie. Though, based on the discussion from a month or 2 ago, I'm not supposed to say that. I have smacked myself on the hand as required.

OK, so the Puppy Blender spent wednesday drinking spiked puppy smoothies and an extra hour hunting hobo's, working the pain off. Was only a little pain.

Now it's time to start abusing liberals. The Puppy Blender cannot wait for the insanity that will come out of the Dhimmicrat congress!

November 7, 2006

November 4, 2006

Pirate's Cove picks up a story about whiny Senate Democrats, who are pouting about the New York Times destroying their "No WMD!" talking points from the last three years. Heh!

Well, The Puppy Blender doesn't really like Democrats (well, as a Party, and what they stand for. Though some Dems need a serious butt woopin'), but he is almost hoping they win the House, just to find out what in the hell their agenda and plans actually are.

October 27, 2006

Maggie at The Bullwinkle Blog offers up one for the Kool Aid crowd. I'd say they won't be happy, but you just know they will say the vote was rigged. Heh!

Now we know why liberal men are a bunch of whiny weaklings hell bent on surrender

The testosterone-fueled American male may be losing his punch.

Over the past two decades, levels of the sex hormone in U.S. men have been falling steadily, a new study finds

The reasons for this trend are unclear, said researchers at the New England Research Institutes in Waterdown, Mass. They noted that neither aging nor certain other health factors, such as smoking or obesity, can fully explain the decline.

We at Puppy Blend Central know exactly why. They were testing liberal men, who not only want to carry their wives purses, but want their own purses.

Mack Daddy Ogre, who is way to big for a blender (heh!), shows his appreciation for Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) demanding that President Bush pardon those two border agents who were tried and found guilty for shooting a drug smuggler in the ass.

11 others joined Myrick in this quite proper demand.

October 24, 2006

Stop The ACLU has picked up a new ad that rebuts the Michael J Fox ads for many Democrats regarding embryonic stem cell research and how evil Republicans oppose using aborted babies for worthless research. Head on over to watch the video.

Mary Katherine Hamm, sans Volunteers jersey (umm, hound and bulldog smoothies), chimes and, and points out that Cardin, one of the people Fox is stumping for, has a vote against stem cell research.

Big Dog's Weblog has much more on the subject of that vote.

Pirate's Cove has the video as well, and reminices over Kerry/Edwards and their use of Christopher Reeve for the same BS.

Hot Air has more on the subject.

Head on over to Alabama Improper (insert wolf call here) and do C.A. a favor. Not sure what the prize is yet. Hope it has to do with either hobo's or puppies.

Interesting discussion, sans Puppy Smoothies, at the I came across this World Net Daily piece on The Drudge Report. WHERE THERE’S SMOKE THERE’S FIRE explains that the city of Omaha has instituted the toughest form of anti-smoking policies in the country. Gun Toting Liberal regarding the anti-smoking laws just passed in Omaha

I came across this World Net Daily piece on The Drudge Report. WHERE THERE’S SMOKE THERE’S FIRE explains that the city of Omaha has instituted the toughest form of anti-smoking policies in the country.

Scratch Omaha off my list of ‘must see’ cities. Not because of the policy, but because I have no interest in being contaminated myself by people this stupid. Again, the surface issue is smoking, but the core of this is how close to a police state are we going to get?

Well, I could say that stuff like that comes from the PC liberals and trial lawyers, but I won't. Read the whole thing.


Former Vice President Al Gore appeared in Berkeley on Monday to lend his celebrity and reputation as a crusader against global warming to a measure on California's Nov. 7 ballot that would tax oil companies to raise $4 billion for green energy projects.

"I'm here to change peoples' minds on the climate crisis and to support Prop 87,'' Gore called to a group of reporters after he emerged from the "100 miles per gallon'' Toyota Prius that brought him to a noontime rally in a sun-drenched park behind Berkeley's City Hall.

His motorcade also included three motorcycles, two limousines and a Dodge Ram 1500 light duty truck.

Depending on the model, Dodge Ram's run between 14-16 city and 19-21 highway. Not very environmentally friendly. Limo's surely do not do any better. Plus, 7 vehicles?

My 274 blenders are more environmentally friendly.

October 19, 2006

Folks, you just cannot make this stuff up. Well, I mean, the Left does actually make it up as they go along in a drug induced haze, but, Indy Media Watch didn't make up what he read….you know what I mean

An article on LA Indymedia asks Why the Left is Silent About 911 Truth and conspiracy theories.

They are?

The article then goes on to blame……..Wait for it……HAve you guessed yet…..Jews for controlling the Left-Wing

Dalmation smoothy coming out of my nose. Read the rest.

Michelle Malkin (who has that faker on her blogroll, but not the real Puppy Blender) highlights the idiocy of Brangalina Jolie and her backing of the UN while taking shots at the US and the Aussies.

Not critisizing, but, I do believe that Michelle has forgotten one of the U.N.'s greatest failures: Rwanda and the 800,000+ slaughtered in 100 days.

The Flannel Avenger highlights something strange: A Mexican labor union… from Mexico… is suing the State of North Carolina…

Surely the ACLU will save us, right? Heh.

Blogoddess Beth illuminates us Get The Vote Out! Even if it is for John McCain

But guess what–McCain may be preferable to Hillary or whomever they nominate, but it won’t matter at all to the “purists.” They’ll sit home then, too, and we’ll end up in the Dark Ages of Democrats again. I’m no McCain cheerleader, as anyone who reads this blog knows, but you won’t see me doing the work of the opposition then, either.

The choice is yours, conservatives: you can sit home and feel smug, or you can suck it up and kick these seditious creeps on the left to the curb once and for all………

She is 100% correct. Better our critters then the surrender monkey critters.

Captain Ed delves into the who "pre-mortem" issue by that faker, and makes one really outstanding point, among others:

Elections are about choices. Responsible voters have to recognize not just their rights, but also their responsibilities. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for their caucus control and all of the policies that will bring, which is responsible if you support those policies and that particular candidate. (I've voted for a handful of Democrats before, although none lately.) If that vote gets cast for the purpose of scolding Republicans, that's not just irresponsible, it's a waste. Parties do not necessarily improve by being cast out of power — and if one wants to see an example, just look at the Democrats today compared to the Democrats in 1994 in terms of policy and tone. Sitting out in a fit of pique is even less responsible; it just allows the voter to feel vindicated that their non-choice alleviates them from any blame for what follows afterward.

Heh. Read the whole thing.

October 18, 2006

Are the proggies so clueless as to think that politics is a nice, clean business? After five plus years of slinging mud, they are having hissy fits about the Governor's race in Ohio turning nasty

Blackwell campaign links Strickland to predators, hints he's gay

Oh, no. The horror!

aquart They campaign as they govern: with lies.

Interesting. I guess it is A-OK for Democrats/Progressives/Braying Asses to do that, as highlighted by Beth at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, but, when they get a dose of their own medicine, that's "nasty."

There is a word that the Puppy Blender would like to use about them, but won't. Has to do with what dogs chase. Indeed.

You have to check the unhinged moonbat comments at You Tube.

October 17, 2006

Michelle M, who still hasn't shared a fine smoothy with the Puppy Blender, highlights those oh so freedom loving Europeans, who want to crack down on booby video blogging.

Man, I love this global warming. Huh? It was cooler then average in September? How'd that happen?

October 13, 2006

Oslo, Norway (AP/ABC News) - Antiwar protester Cindy Sheehan told an Austin, TX book signing audience she was a finalist for the Nobel Prize Thursday. Five other finalists were announced Thursday.

The Nobel Institute said the field had been narrowed to six individuals who shared the same values in promoting peace in the world. Besides Sheehan, finalists include Osama Bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Kim Jong Il, Hugo Chavez, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Professor Geir Lundestad, Director of the Nobel Institute, said their combined efforts will make this years choice particularly difficult.

"In this dangerous world in which we live, we are fortunate to have such people as these to promote peace and understanding," Lundestad said. "Each and every one of these stands for the same thing: a world where such primitive concepts of right and wrong are no more, where the elite tell us what to think, do, and say, and where Jews, Christians, and other such evil people no longer exist."

Sheehan is the only American to make the final list. Previous American winners include former President Jimmy Carter, who won in 2004 for "his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts." That includes his June 1994 visit to North Korea that resulted in the agreement of the North Koreans to not develop nuclear weapons.

Last year's winners, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its Director General Mohamed ElBaradei of Egypt, were also instrumental in ensuring that North Korea was able to develop nuclear weapons.

Cross-posted from Public Eye

October 10, 2006

Thanks, David Zucker, for the video. It puts it all in perspective!

Hat tip: Don Surber

The always wonderful, talented, and beautiful Still Stacy has a special guest poster on today, Thameen Darby.

Last week I invited Thameen Darby, a Palestinian living in Gaza, to write a post for my blog. He was displeased with my opinion of Islam, so to be fair, I’m allowing him this venue to express HIS VIEWS OF HIS RELIGION.

Read the whole thing. It's a long post, and well worth the read, so I would recommend St. Bernard for the smoothy. Big one. Indeed.

October 7, 2006

Looks like we have a bit of a blog war going on between Mary Katherine Hamm and Preston Taylor Holmes.

Who will win the battle between Tennessee and the Bulldogs?

While the Puppy Blender could care less about any college football other the East Carolina Pirates, me thinks we would like to see MKH in a Volunteers jersey. Shame that the Bulldogs aren't playing the Pirates this year. There's a bet the PB would like to win! MKH in a bonny pirate costume. Yummy! Like a bulldog smoothy ;)

Sunday update: Tennessee 51-Bulldogs 33. I prefer this Volunteers outfit.

October 3, 2006

Was this really necessary for Puppy Blender to have to read? Big, hairy, nasty spiders? Hmm, I wonder what kind of smoothy they would make?

I don't know about you, but I am getting a little tired, and annoyed, by the sympathetic media coverage of Mark Foley being depressed. I should care why? He is not a good person.

It will be interesting to see if the MSM does their normal job and turns him into a victim, despite being a Republican.

October 2, 2006

Good news for liberals: a Russian company is going to challenge Alcoa to become the worlds largest producer of aluminum. Tin foil hat production said to be way up! Heh.

Has anyone noticed that none of the stories about hurricanes and tropical storms/depressions do not include any references to global warming, er, climate change, as of late?

September 29, 2006

Hooah Wife and Friends provide it. Puppy smoothies all around!

September 27, 2006

You you check out the video of Slick's meltdown on Kidz TV either at the Pirate's Cove or at Rightlinx

Make sure you aren't drinking a dallmation smoothy at the time.

That is the question that Indian Chris over at Hooah Wife and Friends wants to know. Go give your answer. Unfortunately, nothing in it about puppy blending and hobo stalking.

September 26, 2006

Congrats and a big terrier smoothy to Carol for the move from Blogsnotspot to her own high class digs.

Adjust your blogrolls, ladies and gentlecreatures. Also, buy her a laptop so she can blog in bed, blog from bed, bed blog. Yeah, sounds exciting no matter how you put it. Heh!

September 25, 2006

from a real Pope protest, with a little help

Blatently stolen from the Pirate's Cove.

The ever wonderful Beth at Blue Star Chronicles has more here and here. Indeed!

Stacy has gone and done it again. A wonderful new theme. I mean really good. St. Bernard and hobo smoothy good! Take a look and see.

Done by the wonderful Tammy. Do you need a new theme? Check Tammy out.

September 22, 2006

I have to say that using a bit of sex in a post is OK, as long as it is appropriate to the post. And, as long as the sex being used is not the posters body.

September 11, 2006

Beth has a breakdown of many of the video's about 9/11, as well as her tribute.
Pirate's Cove has a tribute up here, as well as a video.

Cass at Villainous Company has one here and another here, by Carrie.
Vinnie has his up here.

Others when the internet cooperates.

September 10, 2006

Folks, do not forget about the 2,996 Project. D. Challener Roe has done a superb job of putting this together. Make sure you stop by and read all the tributes to those who lost thier lives on 9/11.

September 8, 2006

ON THIS DAY in history, 1942, under pressure from former members of the Hoover administration, the Mutual Radio Network canceled plans to air "The Path To Pearl Harbor."

THE AUSTRALIAN reported the US will step up its search for Osama bin Laden. Countdown begins on Harry "Tara" Reid calling it an election year to divert voters' attention from the fact that we have not caught bin Laden.

AP reported Brad Pitt is delaying marriage to Angelina Jolie until there are no restrictions on marriage. The man is slick. Why buy milk when others are thirsty, eh?

THE AGE reported Iran failed to meet UN demands on uranium. I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked.

NJ GOV. CORZINE laid out a 6-pronged attack to rein in the state budget. Took him 34 pages. Lawhawk said Corzine did not fail to disappoint.

REUTERS reported that "France rejects 'war on terror'." OK, call it the Conversion of the Infidels.